GHA awards and scholarships honor exceptional hospital employees and hospitals throughout the state of Georgia.

The W. Daniel Barker Leadership Award recognizes an active GHA-member hospital/health system administrator or CEO who has made outstanding contributions to health care.

The Distinguished Service Award honors a Georgian who has dedicated time and talent to bettering a hospital and its community.

The Community Leadership Award recognizes a member hospital that has made exemplary contributions to the health and well-being of the people of Georgia through community health improvement.

The Hospital Hero Awards honor GHA-member hospital employees or volunteers throughout the state.

The Partnership for Health and Accountability (PHA) Patient Safety and Quality Awards recognize health care organizations for achievement in reducing the risk of medical errors and improving patient safety and medical outcomes.


The Marjorie G. Hogan Memorial Scholarship Program is used to support the educational development of a qualified health care workforce across Georgia. The scholarships provide financial assistance to individuals pursing a health care career.

The Georgia Association for Healthcare Facility Managers (GAHFM) Jack Joines Scholarship recognizes an individual for his or her demonstrated leadership skills, exemplary commitment to the society, community and the health care profession.