2023 GHA Impact Report: Your Association at Work

2023 was another great year for our association. GHA staff enjoyed working with each of you to accomplish our mission. The GHA Impact Report (password required) offers a comprehensive review of the many services your association offered last year. We look forward to working with you for a succesful 2024.

Financial Impact of the Pandemic on GHA Member Hospitals

GHA-Commissioned Study Highlights the Financial Peril of the Pandemic

GHA engaged national consulting group Kaufman Hall to analyze the financial impact of the pandemic on our member hospitals. Many of these financial trends continue even as the pandemic wanes. Notable highlights of the report include:

  • Total expenses in 2022 were $7 billion higher than pre-pandemic levels.
  • Salary expenses increased approximately $7.6 billion over the last three years combined.
  • Operating income is up a collective $1.3 billion compared to 2019 levels. Much of that gain is attributed to the $1.6 billion received from provider relief funds.
  • 2022 was the worst financial year of the pandemic inclusive of stimulus funds, resulting in a collective $125 million operating loss.

We are pleased to make the full report and summary document available to the membership to use in their own community. 

Membership Guide

2024 GHA Membership Guide

GHA exists because of the dedicated work of our 145 hospitals. Our membership directory (password required) offers a comprehensive listing of GHA's services as well as important contact information on each of our hospitals and health systems.

Hospital Handbook (formerly Hospitals 101)

The Hospital Handbook: the current state of hospital finance and policy in Georgia resource guide, designed for policy makers, is a one-of-a-kind educational resource that explains the many challenges Georgia's hospitals face.

Contact Erin Stewart with questions.

GHA Coronavirus Webpage

For your convenience, GHA has developed a coronavirus webpage offering breaking news, updated COVID-19 statistics as well as state and federal resources regarding the virus.