Hospital Leadership Training

The program includes experienced professors from Georgia Southern’s Masters of Public Health and Masters of Healthcare Administration programs who developed and deliver the state-mandated educational training for hospital executives and board members (H.B. 769). We are pleased to announce that required board members and executives of all participating hospitals successfully completed the initial training requirement by the deadline of Dec. 31, 2020.

New board members should complete training on Standard 1 through one of our monthly live webinars prior to their installation. New CEOs and CFOs have 60 days from their start date to complete Standard 1. All new board members and executives have one year from their installation date to complete all 8 Standards.

Participants are considered “certified” after passing quizzes on all 8 Standards and are certified for 2 years from their certification due date, or 3 years from their hiring/appointment date.

See information on the training requirements and timelines from the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center.

Please email us at with any questions or as you have changes to your board or executive membership so that we can update their status in the program.

Initial Certification

All training is currently offered virtually, with live webinars for Standard 1, and self-paced learning provided for Standards 2-8. Additional training options will be added as circumstances change related to COVID-19

Standard 1

Live webinars offered the second Tuesday of every month from noon -2 p.m. Please register at least one week in advance. See and register for upcoming sessions or visit GHA Events page.

Standards 2 – 8

On demand modules available 24/7 through Folio, Georgia Southern's online learning management system.

  • Please note that successful completion of the Standard 1 training and assessment is required prior to training on the remaining standards


All trustees, CEOs and CFOs who were in their position prior to Jan. 1, 2020 and completed their initial certification by the end of 2020 are due to be recertified by Dec. 31, 2022. (See a timeline.) This can be accomplished through 1 of the 3 following pathways, as defined by the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center (GRHIC):

Pathway 1: Repeat the full 8 hours of training on the original 8 Standards. This can be done entirely online through Folio, Georgia Southern University’s learning management system. The standards can be repeated in any order, and participants can choose to watch videos of recorded trainings or complete them through a combination of reading and short videos. Just as with the certification training, participants must pass a quiz on each standard.

Pathway 2: Complete 7 hours of new “Recertification Units” training, plus a 1-hour refresher.

Recertification Units: In addition to our Annual Summer Meeting and Center for Rural Health meetings, the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center approved select virtual meetings and educational webinars for Recertification Credit.

1-hour Refresher: A recording of the 1-hour review training and corresponding quiz is available in Folio at any time. Please note this review course, also marketed as a “Refresher” training, is not required if you are planning to repeat the original curriculum as noted above. It is only required for Pathway 2 or 3. 

Pathway 3: Complete a hybrid of the offered training by repeating any combination of the original standards and new training totaling 7 hours, plus the 1-hour refresher course.  Please note that while there are 8 original standards totaling 8 hours, the standards vary in length and hours of credit. Refer to the chart below to help plan the most effective use of your time.



Standard 1: Governance, Liability & Accountability

2 hours

Standard 2: Regulations/Legal

1.25 hours

Standard 3: Finance

1 hour

Standard 4: Compliance

45 minutes

Standard 5: Ethics

1.25 hours

Standard 6: Continuum of Care

30 minutes

Standard 7: Strategic Planning

1 hour

Standard 8: Grants 

15 minutes

Whichever path you choose, we are here to help guide you.