Leadership GHA

Leadership GHA is designed to identify, develop and inspire new leaders in health care throughout the state of Georgia. It is a six-month program that is held annually. It utilizes a variety of techniques to educate participants on the unique and diverse issues that characterize Georgia’s health care system. The program includes workshops, conferences, panel discussions and field trips to a variety of hospitals and health systems throughout the state.
CSR Orion-Georgia

GHA has a partnership with The Joint Commission Resources (JCR) to administer the annual Continuous Survey Readiness (CSR) Orion-Georgia program. Consisting of approximately 60 participating hospitals, the objective is to have our members prepared for their next survey by The Joint Commission. This program runs on a calendar year, includes two statewide in-person meetings, multiple on-site consulting visits and ongoing phone consultations. For additional information, contact Rhett Partin at 770-249-4502.