Leadership GHA

Leadership GHA is designed to identify, develop and inspire new leaders in health care throughout the state of Georgia. It is a six-month program that is held annually. It utilizes a variety of techniques to educate participants on the unique and diverse issues that characterize Georgia’s health care system. The program includes workshops, conferences, panel discussions and field trips to a variety of hospitals and health systems throughout the state. For more information, contact Andy Cobb.

Marjorie Hogan Workforce Development Program

The GHA Marjorie Hogan Workforce Development Progam is a combination of hospital internship opportunities, high-school health occupations experience and post-secondary educational scholarships. The program aims to provide opportunities for members to receive a small financial subsidy for workforce development; students to receive work experience, scholarships, training and education; and the legacies of Mrs. and Mr. Glenn Hogan, the first Executive Director of GHA, to continue. For more information, contact Becca Hallum.

CSR Orion-Georgia

GHA has a partnership with The Joint Commission Resources (JCR) to administer the annual Continuous Survey Readiness (CSR) Orion-Georgia program. Consisting of approximately 60 participating hospitals, the objective is to have our members prepared for their next survey by The Joint Commission. This program runs on a calendar year, includes two statewide in-person meetings, multiple on-site consulting visits and ongoing phone consultations. For more information, contact Andy Cobb.



GHA offers careLearning, an online educational tool for member hospitals. Health care facilities all over the country use this cost-effective learning solution to provide their employees appropriate training and education based on an assessment of their skills, knowledge, abilities, and job performance evaluation. Users can create an unlimited number of facility-specific courses and manage instructor-led meetings. Additonally, users can take advantage of interactive learning, customized ontent, pretesting, and add-on courses.  For more information, contact Andy Cobb.