Emergency Preparedness

GHA's Emergency Preparedness Program partners with the Georgia Department of Public Health to administer the Healthcare Preparedness Program (HPP) grant. These federal funds help health care coalitions prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies. Health care coalition members include health care providers throughout Georgia.

ASPR COVID-19 Hospital Association Grant

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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Webpage

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Disaster Readiness Line

The Disaster Readiness Line (DRL) is a weekly publication that provides information and articles on disaster-related topics. These include educational webinars, CDC updates, training, educational events and meeting schedules. The DRL is distributed by the health care coalitions, so check with your Coalition Coordinator or Coalition Facilitator to ensure you are on the distribution list. 


GHC911 helps Georgia hospitals, as well as local and state agencies, stay informed of vital news and information related to disaster readiness. The site offers tools and resources to assist health care organizations in their disaster preparedness and mutual aid planning, including documentation of resource availability and allocation. 

Mutual Aid Compact

The Georgia Mutual Aid Compact facilitates resource sharing during times of emergency. It states that, in the event of a disaster, hospitals will use best efforts to make clinical staff, medical and general supplies, including pharmaceuticals and biomedical equipment available to each other in accordance with operating procedures.  


All Georgia hospitals have signed the Mutual Aid Compact. Additionally, one Florida hospital, two Tennessee hospitals, and two Alabama hospitals participate in Georgia’s Mutual Aid Compact.



For more information, please visit GHC911. Check the documents for Mutual Aid Resources.


Patient Tracking

The Patient Tracking program is a tool that provides hospitals and EMS agencies with electronic management of disaster victims. The Patient Placement board provides a systematic process for placing and accepting inpatients who need to be relocated due to an emergency or disaster. Contact Mallory Garrett for more information.

Regional Coordinating Hospital (RCH) System

The Regional Coordinating Hospital (RCH) system is an important component of Georgia’s healthcare emergency preparedness program. Representatives from the 14 RCHs serve as Coalition Coordinators to Georgia’s regional healthcare coalitions.  Public Health partners, who serve as Coalition Facilitators, work closely with the RCHs.  This includes planning and conducting exercises, providing training and education, purchasing supplies and equipment, and coordinating resources.


The Specialty Coordinating Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, helps facilitate assistance for the pediatric health care population throughout Georgia.

Health care providers are invited to participate with their health care coalition. For more information, please visit GHC911 or contact Mallory Garrett.