Health Care Insurance Resources

Health Care Insurance Resources, Inc. was established in 1981 to provide stable insurance for members of the Georgia Hospital Association, Health Care Insurance Resources, Inc. has continued to fulfill its mission for more than 30 years. The agency contracts with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. for its staffing and administrative services. Today, Health Care Insurance Resources, Inc. and Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. can access worldwide insurance markets for all GHA members' insurance needs, making it the leading provider of insurance programs and services to GHA members. Health Care Insurance Resources, Inc. also supports GHA-member hospitals by providing employee benefit brokerage and consulting services.

Gallagher March 5 Newsletter

The March 5 issue of Directions includes articles highlighting recent legislative changes and regulatory guidance for employer-sponsored benefit plans.

How you manage paid leave policies is a critical predictor of competitive success

Did you know that employers who invest in better leave policies and fully integrate them find it easier to manage absence and engage employees? Investing in paid leave policies shows a genuine commitment to the overall wellbeing of your people and results in higher morale, a better culture, and stronger employee loyalty.

However, navigating the complexities of adjusting your paid leave policies can be daunting. State-specific regulations, eligibility criteria, duration, and benefits can vary. Read our latest Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights article, "Managing Paid Leave Complexities to Gain a Competitive Edge," to discover our consultants' strategies, which can help you create flexible paid leave policies that prioritize your people and help your organization thrive.

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Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits - Insights and Opportunities

Are you ready to take your organization’s wellbeing strategy and employee experience to the next level? Discover valuable insights from the 5th edition of the Wellbeing and Voluntary Benefits Survey, by Buck, a Gallagher Company.

Our survey, conducted in November 2023, gathered data from 698 employees and 255 employer participants from companies with 1000+ employees. The results are in! Here’s what you’ll find in the report:
  • The most pressing wellbeing issues affecting today’s workforce
  • How employees perceive current workplace wellbeing and benefits programs
  • The most effective voluntary benefits in reducing workplace stressors
  • Proven strategies to enhance employee engagement and overall wellbeing

63% of employees would change jobs for better benefits. How do your employee wellbeing efforts measure up?

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Five cybersecurity tips for your Small Business

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it's a prime opportunity to strengthen the safety and security of your business. By taking proactive steps to safeguard your digital assets and customer data, you not only protect your clients from potential cyber threats but also safeguard your bottom line. Embrace this month and demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity by reading through small steps you can start taking today. Learn more.

Did you know that 3 in 4 people worldwide feel unprepared to retire?

Retirement benefits should be an organizational priority, but the challenges with providing financial solutions that cater to a global and mobile workforce can complicate the process. However, personalized retirement benefits solutions don’t need to be overly complex.

Here are some ways you can cater to individual retirement needs:

  • Voluntary options
  • Belief-based investment plans
  • Customized coaching

Prioritizing retirement benefits supports overall employee health and happiness, decreasing absenteeism and insurance claims and creating a more engaged workforce.

Read Gallagher's Better WorksSM Insights article, “Building Retirement Benefits for a Global and Mobile Workforce” to learn more.

Choosing The Right Retirement Plan

There may be a better retirement plan for your growing business. Gallagher’s new 401(k) Choice Pooled Solutions℠ can give you and your employees the advantages of a true 401(k) plan at an affordable cost -- with more features and greater flexibility than what is available with a SEP or SIMPLE IRA!  

Compared to a SEP or SIMPLE IRA, Gallagher 401(k) Choice Pooled Solutions℠ offer: 

  • More design features and options
  • Higher employee contributions: up to $23,000 in a 401(k) plan vs. $16,000 in a SIMPLE IRA*
  • Increased employee catch-up contributions for those age 50+: up to $7,500 in a 401(k) plan vs. $3,500 in a SIMPLE IRA*
  • Cost efficiencies from pooling plan assets with other participating businesses
  • Availability of loans
  • Ability to apply a vesting schedule to employer contributions, which is not allowed in SEP or SIMPLE IRAs

Plus, when you join the Gallagher 401(k) Choice Pooled Solutions℠, 90% of your administrative tasks are handled by a professional service team, giving you more time to manage your business.

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Complimentary Report: Benefits & HR Benchmarking Data for Small Business

Discover the top trends influencing which benefits and HR strategies employers are deploying to retain their people and support their businesses, while also keeping an eye on the bottom line. This report is backed by 1,200+ Small Businesses who took our 2023 Benefits Strategy and Benchmarking Survey so you can benchmark your priorities against your peers.

Georgia Hospital Association Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Fund (GHAWCSIF)

The GHAWCSIF provides workers’ compensation coverage to 46 hospitals with a total premium of over $7.8 million. Health Care Insurance Resources, Inc. continues to support the GHAWCSIF by providing marketing, consulting and loss control services.

Georgia Healthcare Insurance Company (GHCIC)

Started in 1995, the GHCIC is a segregated portfolio captive insurance company owned by the Georgia Hospital Association. There are multiple segregated portfolio cells in GHCIC. All of them are also TPA clients of Allied Claims Administration for the hospital professional and general liability coverage written through the captive cell.

Allied Claims Administration (Allied)

Allied Claims Administration is a client-focused third-party administrator currently serving more than 125 clients throughout the Southeast. Allied is jointly owned between GHA and Gallagher. Specializing in self-insurance programs for group associations, risk retention groups and individual self-insured, they provide superior professional liability, general liability and workers’ compensation claims services to the health care industry.