Georgia Discharge Data System

GHA created the Georgia Discharge Data System (GDDS) so that hospitals can satisfy mandatory state data reporting requirements. In fact, 100% of acute care hospitals in Georgia submit their discharge data through GDDS. On a monthly basis, hospitals submit their inpatient and outpatient claims data to GHA for the first part of processing. GHA’s data partner, Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI), a subsidiary of the Missouri Hospital Association, completes the file with additional data elements such as MS-DRG, Federal Information Processing Standard Publication (FIPS) county codes and calculated ZIP code.

GHA submits completed files on hospitals' behalf to the Georgia Departments of Community Health and Public Health, and the Georgia Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission. GHA also utilizes the data for modeling policy proposals and their impact.

Researchers and academics are encouraged to seek GHA data through HCUP.

To submit your monthly data, go to the HIDI Portal. Data is due 45 days after the end of the month.


GHA hosts a monthly strategic planning user group meeting as a resource for hospitals. Past presentations can be accessed here.

For more information, contact Sheriffa Nivose.

GDDS Strategic Planning Module

The GDDS Strategic Planning Module is included as part of hospitals’ participation in GDDS. GHA aggregates hospitals’ data and shares appropriate data back with participating hospitals to assist them with their health care operations, including strategic planning, patient safety and quality improvement. Hospitals use the Strategic Planning Module to better understand the market dynamics of their service area to tailor services to the community. Reports include:

  • Market share
  • Patient Migration including County and ZIP
  • Patient Age
  • Payer Class
  • Payer
  • Service Lines
  • Other market level results

See Reports.

For additional access, please contact Leslie Sainovich or Sheriffa Nivose.

GHA Data Services Folders

GHA and its partners routinely model the economic impact of hospitals, various payment reforms, policy changes and reimbursement factors on behalf of GHA members. These models help hospitals determine the impact that each of these factors has on the overall operation of the hospital. These reports are based on Medicare Data, Department of Community Health Surveys, GDDS submissions and other sources where required. Individual hospital reports (aggregated at the system level where appropriate) may include:

  • Area Wage and Occupational Mix Development
  • Enacted Medicare Cuts Analysis
  • Financial Indicators
  • Hospital Economic Impact
  • IPPS/OPPS Updates
  • Medicare Margin Analysis
  • Value-Based Purchasing Reports

These reports can be found in your GHA Member Files, Data Services folder. All senior leaders have access to these folders. Additional users can be included at the discretion of the CEO.

For more information, please contact Bill Wylie.