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For a nominal charge, GHA members can take advantage of more than 100 quality and timely online webinars.

  • An unlimited number of individuals can participate from a hospital site/phone line.
  • Webinars are convenient, low-cost, do not require travel, and provide access to expert speakers.
  • If you are unable to attend a live webinar, recordings are available at a reasonable cost.
  • Contact hours and continuing education credits (CEUs) are available for nursing home administrators, physicians and nurses.

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March 21
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation (CoPS) for Hospitals: 2019 Update Part V of V (T6027)
Speaker: Sue Dill Calloway


March 26

ICD-10 Case Management, Part III: Chapters 14-21 (T6029)

Speaker: Catrena Smith


March 28

Emergency and Outpatient Services: Complying with CMS Hospital CoPs (T6030)

Speaker: Sue Dill Calloway


April 2

Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Update and New Issues for 2019 (T6028)

Speaker: Duane Abbey


April 4

Grievances and Complaints - Ensuring Compliance (T6031)

Speaker: Sue Dill Calloway


April 9

CMS 2018 Pharmacy and Medication: Complying with Hospital CoPs and Proposed Changes (T6033)

Speaker: Sue Dill Calloway


Workplace Trends (HR) (T6034)

Speaker: Janette Levey-Frisch


April 11

5 Things to Boost Nurse Agility (T6035)
Speaker: Katie Owens and B. Fleming


Government and Management Roles & Responsibilities (T6036)
Speaker: Erica Osborne

April 16

Documentation Update 2019; Ensuring Compliance (T6037)

Speaker: Sue Dill Calloway

April 17

2019 Health Care Regulatory Update (T6044)

Speaker: Bragg Hemme, Ross Sallade, Kyle Vasquez, Ross Burris and Sean Timmons


April 18

Slamming the Breaks on Turnover (T6039)

Speaker: Wes Pruett


HCAHPS Boot Camp - Part I of II (T6040)

Speaker: Katie Owens, Kathy Boswell and Hope Brown


April 23

Telemedicine CoPs (T6041)

Speaker: Sue Dill Calloway


April 25

HCAHPS Boot Camp - Part II of II (T6045)

Speaker: Katie Owens, Kathy Bowsell and Hope Brown


Impact of ICD-10 on Operations (T6043)

Speaker: Amy Bailey


April 30

Case Management Across the Continuum (T6046)

Speaker: Toni Cesta