GHA Marjorie Hogan Workforce Development Program

Program History 

In 1993, retired GHA Executive Director Mr. Glenn Hogan (the association’s first Executive Director) left an endowment to the Georgia Hospital Research and Education Foundation (GHAREF) in honor of his late wife Marjorie.  Mr. Hogan’s stated purpose for the endowment was to provide “financial assistance to young people desiring to prepare for a career in the health care field.”  


Program Description 

The GHA Marjorie Hogan Workforce Development Program has two components:  

  • Hogan Hospital Internship 

  • HOSA-Future Health Professionals Partnership.  
    (formerly Health Occupations Students of America) 


Hogan Hospital Internship Program 

GHA member hospitals have the opportunity to apply for a $5,000 award to fund an internship position for a student preparing to enter a health-related curriculum in post-secondary education. Of the $5,000 award, an amount determined by the hospital shall be awarded to the intern for the purpose of subsidizing costs associated with their post-secondary education following the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 185 hours for the internship. 

The number of awards is determined annually upon the review of the GHA Audit and Finance Committee. Five awards will be issued for 2022.  

The Hogan Hospital Internship Program is communicated broadly each February through GHA Today and direct email to all GHA member CEOs.   

Participating hospital members will need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with GHAREF and submit it to Rhett Partin. The hospital CEO or a senior executive shall sign the agreement. MOUs will be accepted and awarded on a first come, first served basis, creating an equitable opportunity for all members. If the number of signed MOUs exceeds the number of internships available for a given year, GHA staff will maintain a waiting list. Priority for the following year’s program will go to hospitals in the order in which they are received and assigned to the waiting list. This creates a perpetual, equitable opportunity for all members. 

Signed MOUs may be accepted at any time following the February announcement.  

Recognizing that internships occur throughout the year, GHA staff will maintain the program, and award funding, throughout the calendar year according the GHA (calendar year) budget. 

  • How to Apply: GHA-member hospital representatives email Rhett Partin.
  • MOU: Hospitals that are notified that they are award recipients will need to have an authorized representative sign the Memorandum of Understanding.


HOSA Partnership 

GHA helps support the growth and development of our health care workforce through a partnership with the Georgia Chapter of HOSA – Future Health Professionals (formerly Health Occupation Students of America).

GHA provides annual funding to support post-secondary scholarships (administered by HOSA) as well as stipends for students to participate in HOSA meetings such as the Annual Leadership Conference. The GHA Hogan Scholarship is awarded through a competitive application process to Georgia HOSA students who have experience working or volunteering at a GHA-member hospital. The dollar amount and number of scholarships vary, but generally, the funds provide two $1,000 post-secondary scholarships.

Interested applicants can contact Nikki Bentley, executive director of HOSA at