W. Daniel Barker Leadership Award

Nominations for the 2024 award are now open! Deadline is May 31.

The W. Daniel Barker Leadership Award recognizes an active Georgia hospital/health system leader who has made outstanding contributions to Georgia's health care community. The award is presented annually at the GHA Summer Meeting. The 2024 meeting will be held July 10-12. 

Candidate Requirements

The nominated individual has developed an innovative approach to health care delivery that exceeds the traditional services of community health care providers. This person has routinely provided meritorious service on behalf of the Georgia health care industry and/or GHA. 

Applicants are asked to establish, through an essay, that the person being nominated meets the following criteria for excellence:

Leadership and Commitment
Describe how and why the nominee is a recognized leader in the hospital and community. How does the nominee work collaboratively with his or her community, colleagues and state to improve the health care status of Georgians? (750 words or fewer)

Describe how the nominee's leadership has bettered the hospital and its services. What innovative approaches to health care delivery has the nominee made that exceed the traditional services of community health care providers? (750 words or fewer)

Advancing Care
Describe how the nominee has brought about positive changes that have advanced health care services in the hospital and community. (750 words or fewer).

Any GHA member may submit a nomination.

Past Winners

Congratulations to 2023 winner Jim Matney, CEO of Colquitt Regional Medical Center.

See past winners.