Hospitals Needing Supplies

GHA is aware that GEMA is unable to fulfill every supply request. Please email with your request (items needed, amount, and a hospital contact). Those organizations who can provide assistance should please reach out to the contact provided.

*If your request becomes fulfilled, please send a message to the email above so we know to remove it from the list.

Redmond Regional Medical Center

Supplies Needed: disposable stethoscopes


Stephens County Hospital

Small and Medium Nitrile Gloves 

Contact: John Roach (706) 282-4269

Resuscitator Manual Adult Peep LF - need 1 case

Spacers for administering MDI - need 1 case

Adult Ventilator Circuits - need 1 case

Adult Non-rebreather masks - need 1 case

Ventilator circuit with exhalation valve - need 1 case

Sterile Water 2000 ml bag for inhalation - need 1 case

ETT fastener anchor - need 1 case

Tee adapter for aeroneb  - need 1 case

Aeroeclipse II Ban nebulizer -need 1 case

EPOC test cards - need 1 case

Large Performax face masks - need 1 case

High Flow Nasal Cannula - need 1 case

Humidifier (dry) high flow unit - need 1 case

Headgear - Performax Large - need 1 case

Transport vent circuit 9 ft expand - need 1 case

Vent circuit, exhalation valve - need 1 case

Non rebreather mask for adult with safety vent - need 1 case

Smooth bore circuit for CPAP/BIPAP - need 1 case

Contact: Jim Halsey (706) 282-4243

Evans Memorial Hospital

Supplies Needed: Surgical Masks (AT7520005 and AT71035), Surgical Masks Level 3 (AT74635), N95 Masks (1860), Earloop Masks; Medline: Full Drape Fan Folded (DYNJP2419), Lap Chole Drape (DYNJP3102A), Isolation Gowns (NONLV240XL and NONLV240), Surgical Gowns (DYNJP2702); Exam Gloves all sizes, Antibacterial soap, Super Sani Wipes (Q55172), Phillips Bipap mask - L,M,S (1119011), FEP Bipap Circuit w/o filter (1069211), Hudson RCI Bacterial/Viral Filter (1605), EPOC Blood Gas Cards (CT-1006-00-00) Hamilton Breathing Circuit (260167/04), Carefusion T bird series (VELA VENT Circuit), Blood Gas Kits.


Coffee Regional Medical Center

Supplies Needed: 3M N95 1860s Masks; GE Carescape B450 Monitors; Propofol Infusion 100ml and/or 50ml vials


Jeff Davis Hospital

Supplies Needed: ABG kits


Eastside Medical Center

Supplies Needed: N95 Masks (3M 1860 and 1860S if available, but will accept other brands)Isolation Gowns (XL),Shoe CoversGloves (S, M, L, XL)


Select Specialty Hospital Augusta

Supplies Needed: 20 Boxes of Duck Bill  Mask SM, Reg.; 20 Boxes of Nitrile Gloves M, Lg.; 5 Boxes of shoe covers; 5 Boxes of Bouffant Caps


Burke Medical Center

Supplies Needed: 20 viles of Remdesivir


Anchor Hospital

Supplies Needed: 12 Lysol sprays, 80 isolation gowns, 80 face shields, 12 boxes each of gloves sizes S, M, L, 12 hand sanitizers, 12 boxes of wipes, 10 boxes of N95 masks 


Shepherd Center

Supplies Needed: 50 cases nitrile gloves size L, 30 cases each nitrile gloves sizes M, S, and 5,000-10,000 isolation gowns


Augusta Urology Surgicenter

Supplies Needed: Exam gloves, M, L.


Candler County Hospital

Supplies Needed: 2 cases of 3M N95 masks


Liberty Regional Medical Center

Supplies Needed: 20 Vent Circuit Adult, 40 Circuit Vision, 20 J Circuit Adult, 10-pack or BX/CS bouffant caps, 40 Glide Scope #4, 100 face shields


Northside Hospital

Supplies Needed: Gloves


Roosevelt Warm Springs

Supplies Needed: Shoe covers


Mountain Lakes Medical Center

Supplies Needed: 1 cases each of gloves size M and L


Hillside, Inc.

Supplies Needed: nasopharyngeal swab kits


Dorminy Medical Center

Supplies Needed: Propofol Infusion 100ml and/or 50 ml vials, bouffant caps, shoe covers


Memorial Hospital and Manor

Supplies Needed: 15 infrared non-contact thermometers


Putnam General Hospital

Supplies Needed: bouffant caps


Northeast Georgia Health System

Supplies Needed: 9 ICU monitors


Hamilton Medical Center

Supplies Needed: Arterial blood gas kits


Lawrenceville Family Practice

Supplies Needed: Aerosol and spray disinfectant, germicidal wipes, hand sanitizer, isolation gowns, N95 masks, face shields, procedure masks, LG latex-free powder-free gloves


Augusta Metro Treatment Center

Supplies Needed: Disinfectant wipes and Lysol spray