Community Leadership Award Winners

2019 - Augusta University Medical Center

After noting that a number of community businesses still permitted smoking indoors during business hours, the Augusta University Medical Center (AUMC) Respiratory Care team worked with other community partners to form BreathEasy Augusta. This coalition, which includes AUMC, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Family Y of Greater Augusta and the Georgia Cancer Center, works to educate the community, raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke and advocate for smoke-free workplaces.


The coalition was originally formed in 2012 to urge local lawmakers to consider a smoke-free ordinance. This request stemmed from a 2005 statewide smoking ordinance that banned smoking in restaurants and places that serve people under age 18 yet permitted smoking in bars and similar adult establishments. The coalition dedicated countless hours to the task of producing and distributing marketing materials and advocating to lawmakers. Their hard work was rewarded with the passage of legislation that resulted in a new law that bans smoking in virtually all enclosed public spaces. The law took effect on Jan. 1, 2019 and helped make all community businesses safer for employees in the workplace.


With cleaner air more available to its community, AUMC also recognized the need to assist those individuals who smoke, both with their health care and with smoking cessation. With a focus on early detection of smoking-related illnesses, AUMC, through a partnership with the Community Awareness Access Research and Education (c-CARE) at the Georgia Cancer Center, began offering free lung screenings to smokers ages 50-80 who have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years or more.


Smoking cessation assistance was also a priority for AUMC because of a Federal Housing Administration requirement that a tobacco-free policy be in place for all public housing by mid-2018. In partnership with Augusta University’s Georgia Prevention Institute and the Georgia Cancer Center, AUMC worked with the Augusta Housing Authority to provide onsite tobacco cessation counseling and resources for public housing residents. All residents of 12 public housing communities were invited to participate in the Augusta University Tobacco Cessation Program, which uses evidence-based methods to help participants quit tobacco.


“Smoking cessation programs reduce the risk of contracting smoking-related diseases for both smokers and non-smokers,” said GHA President and CEO Earl Rogers. “We applaud Augusta University Medical Center for its dedication to addressing this issue and for empowering its community to take control and be healthier. We are pleased to present Augusta University Medical Center with this esteemed award.”

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