Community Health

Communities trust hospitals to provide quality care and education and use them as a resource for health, wellness, prevention and care. 

Population Health

Population health is an approach to health care that aims to improve the health of an entire population. The Georgia Hospital Association participates in several initiatives with community partners nationally and around the state to achieve a healthy Georgia. Efforts focus on improving the delivery of high-quality health care through clinical decision support and patient self-management.

Interested in Organizing and Formalizing Your Hospital's Population Health Strategy?
The American Hospital Association, the Institute for Health Improvement, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and others have developed an assessment tool and additional resources to help hospitals with their population health strategies. There are also great resources to educate your Board, CEO, leadership team or others on the expanding role hospitals are expected to play in population health management. Please visit Pathways to Population Health for more information or call GHA 770-249-4500 for assistance.

Community Coalitions

GHA partners with Alliant Health Solutions to provide assistance to members’ communities for the purpose of improving local healthcare and collaboration. The partnership aims to support local community efforts to improve a local and mutually agreed upon goal such as: chronic disease management, care transitions, patient safety, or behavioral health.

Participating hospitals and their community partners, collectively referred to as Community Coalitions, will benefit from the exchange of best practices shared by dozens of communities including those in six other states, data that is regionalized for the coalition,  combined educational resources of both Alliant and GHA, as well as third party facilitation wherever appropriate.

The partnership is a part CMS’s Quality Innovation Network, 12th Scope of Work Task Order 1. There are a limited number of positions for existing and potential coalitions.  Interested GHA members should contact Rhett Partin at 770-249-4502. 

For additional information see Community Coalition flier and a sample Community Coalition charter.

Physician-Led Health Improvement

Through our work with the Iowa Healthcare Collaborative's Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI), we are helping clinicians improve the way they deliver care. We were able to provide support for integrating process improvement and improving upon practice-selected quality measures; assist in improving patient health; and more.

Compass PTN Community Learning Materials


GHA's community health team collaborates with the Georgia Department of Public Health on the State Health Improvement Plan and the Diabetes Collaborative. This program is reffered to as CATAPULT. Funding is available to assist members in their efforts to become certified to offer and bill for the Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program. For additional information contact Rhett Partin.