Georgia Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations

The purpose of the Georgia Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations (GSHMPR) workds to increase understanding and support of health care institutions and their services through the stimulation of ethical public relations and marketing methods. Additionally, GSHMPR strives to raise levels of knowledge and standards in health care marketing and public relations. GSHMPR is a proud affiliate of the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development of the American Hospital Association.


Society dues are $75/year per society and provide valuable member-only access and discounts on your society annual conference and other educational opportunities throughout the year.

Upcoming Event

Understanding the Economic Impact of Georgia Hospitals

Tuesday, April 13, 10-11 a.m.

The health care industry contributes significantly to our state’s economic stability and growth. In that same vein, the annual GHA Economic Impact Report explores our hospitals’ importance to the state and their local economies. This program will explore the nuances of the report, breaking down exactly how hospitals are major drivers of economic activity in their communities. Other topics of discussion will include how hospitals play an integral role in attracting industry to communities; ensure that employees of those industries remain healthy and productive; help create local jobs; maintain business and industry growth; and serve as the foundation that supports a variety of other health care services, including physician practices, long-term care providers, home health, and rehab providers.


A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors

GHA and GSHMPR rely on our partners to provide education and networking events to members at an affordable price. Thanks in part to the generosity of GSHMPR partner Full Mediawe were excited to offer complimentary dues for 2021 to all 2020 GSHMPR members. Founded in 2008, Full Media is a health care digital marketing company specializing in search engine optimization, online advertising, web design, online patient experience and analytics. Full Media's services have received accolades from GHA members.