GHHS Endorsed Services


ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, developed by Prista Corp, enables better patient care, higher reimbursements and lower risk for healthcare providers. Information becomes more readily available, more meaningful, and more actionably insightful for health care executives, managers, and clinical staff. By decreasing time, resources and effort required for event reporting, quality/risk management and performance improvement, ActionCue CI delivers significant efficiencies, increases accountability, and the actionable insights it provides lead to compelling real-dollar ROI with lower Total Cost of Ownership.


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Matt Yonkoski


CarePort Health

CarePort Health provides care coordination software solutions to manage patient transitions across the continuum. The end-to-end platform bridges acute and post-acute EHRs, providing visibility for providers, payers, and ACOs into the care that patients receive across care settings so that all providers can efficiently and effectively coordinate patient care.

Georgia CarePort Health Flyer


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Michael Martin


Class Action Capital

Class Action Capital delivers outsourced class action settlement claim management services to hospitals throughout the U.S. CAC specializes in the early identification of class action settlement opportunities as well as preparing and filing comprehensive claims. 


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Joshua Kerstein 







Commerce Bank

Commerce Bank – Control Pay Advanced Automated Accounts Payable Solution

Commerce Bank offers an innovative Accounts Payable Program that will improve your cash flow, reduce check writing and postage costs, and generate revenue with no change to your current accounts payable process. Commerce Bank is committed to helping health care providers generate a steady revenue stream to offset costs.


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Anthony Robinson





Healthcare Experience Foundation



Our vision at the Healthcare Experience Foundation is audaciously simple: shaping cultures so every person can receive and deliver the best healthcare. We believe in honoring the great that is happening every day in your organization and in providing tools to drive safer, person-centered care despite the increasing pace of change and distraction. Every organization wants to improve, to do better, to achieve greater experiences — sometimes the struggle is with the how. We offer coaching services, speaking, and resources to equip you to achieve your healthcare experience potential. 



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Barry Fleming 





IllumiCare® empowers clinicians with real-time cost and iatrogenic risk data at the point of care with an EMR agnostic data display. IllumiCare provides a non-intrusive Smart Ribbon® of information that is embedded within, or floats over, the EMR and gives providers real-time, patient-specific costs (not charges), with alternatives and accruing risk data. With it, providers order fewer and less expensive tests and medications. 


IllumiCare Video Demonstrations (2:08)


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Harvey Nix








Georgia-based Jvion enables value-based care by identifying those patients who upon admission are at risk for readmission within the next 30 days. Their All Cause Readmissions solution is powered by the Jvion CORE ™ which provides clinicians with clear risk profiles and decision support to identify barriers to care and eliminate risk factors earlier and more effectively.  Jvion is also the technology partner that provides the GDDS Strategic Planning Module and the Readmissions Tool. 


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Kunal Kapoor




Merritt Hawkins

Merritt Hawkins is the largest permanent placement physician search and consulting firm in the United States and is a company of AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AMN). Merritt Hawkins conducts more than 3,000 permanent search assignments per year. Celebrating over 30 years of service in the health care industry, Merritt Hawkins is acknowledged as the industry's leading source of permanent physician and advanced practitioner recruiting expertise.


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Kurt Mosley

Sandy Cugliotta


PPE Exchange

PPE Exchange is a marketplace of verified suppliers where hospitals can search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete transactions. Learn more about PPE Exchange. If you are interested in potentially combining PPE Exchange orders, please complete this questionnaire.


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Rich Garwood




Remi has been providing comprehensive healthcare equipment maintenance management solutions since 1998. This company offers a cost-effective Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) that eliminates the administrative burden of managing numerous agreements and purchase orders by consolidating everything under one agreement.

This provides your facility the following:

  • one point-of-contact for all your maintenance needs
  • 15-22% savings off your current service contract pricing
  • one number to call for service
  • and one contract to manage.

Remi has helped nearly 800 healthcare customers save more than $60 million in equipment maintenance management expenses. Learn more by watching this video.


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Amy Powell





SlicedHealth is an artificial intelligence-driven company that helps community hospitals optimize revenue cycle performance by giving them real-time insights into billing trends, payer behavior and payments. Essentially, SlicedHealth acts as your virtual financial analytics team —but at a fraction of the cost. Their business intelligence dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Identify trends & outliers
  • View payments, denials & adjustments
  • Track revenue by procedure
  • Track claims data by payer, provider & diagnosis

In addition to their business intelligence platform, SlicedHealth also delivers patient engagement solutions incorporating conversational A.I., which gives health systems the ability to easily reach high volumes of patients, simultaneously, and identify and automate actions to better manage them. Whether you need to improve transitional care management or quickly set up virtual waiting rooms to digitize intake, prep and check-in, SlicedHealth can help! 


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Reed Liggin

Staff Care

Physician shortages, staff burnout and other workforce issues make finding the right locum tenens staffing partner to work with critical to your success. That’s why Staff Care developed a comprehensive solution for all your locum tenens and physician staffing needs—no matter how big or small they may be. With our holistic approach, which encompasses all aspects of the locum tenens staffing process, your facility will experience service that is second-to-none. We have established relationships with the most experienced, highly-trained physicians and can provide a cost-effective workforce strategy to help you meet cost constraints and avoid lapses in coverage. With over 21 years in the locum tenens staffing industry, our expertise includes access to the nation’s largest talent pool and industry-leading locum tenens resources and information.


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Kurt Mosley