Staff Nurse Advisory Committee

The GHA Staff Nurse Advisory Committee (SNAC) provides staff nurses with an opportunity to come together, hear expert speakers, and explore solutions and best practices to address similar challenges. The SNAC meetings are a forum for staff nurses to network and develop leadership skills so they can have a positive influence on quality and patient safety goals, nursing retention and recruitment, and productivity.

Workforce Line

The Workforce Line (WFL) is published weekly and includes a synopsis of journal articles that relate to trends in the changing health care landscape, nursing, leadership, patient safety and quality and variety of other topics. Please contact Debbie Schmitz if you would like to receive the WFL.


The Marjorie G. Hogan Memorial Scholarship Program is used to support the educational development of a qualified health care workforce across Georgia. The scholarships provide financial assistance to individuals pursing a health care career.

Surveys and Consulting

A benefit of GHA membership is access to an annual compensation survey and a biannual workforce survey. GHA contracts with to conduct these surveys and all member hospitals have the opportunity to participate. Individual hospital data is confidential but included in the aggregate data that is shared with participating organizations. The survey typically is sent out at the end of January and closes early in March. Please contact Derek Beebe at  (781) 365-8162 for specific questions about the survey.