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2018 Compliance Officers Roundtable

May 18

September 5-7

December 7

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10th Annual Compliance Officers Retreat Meeting Handouts Now Available

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* Best Practices and Practical Tips for Reporting to and Educating the Board of Directors by Jorge Perez-Casellas

* Fraud & Abuse by Scott R. Grubman

* Applying the Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework to Enterprise Risk Management Decisions by Barry Herrin

* Five Current Issues in Hospital/Physician Relationships by Jennifer Malinovsky and Marisa Pins

*What's Going on Today with Medicare Payment and Enrollment Audits, Investigations and Appeals? by Ross Sallade & Ross Burris, Shareholders, Poslinelli

*Privacy and Security Update - Gina Greenwood

*Government Audits, Overpayments and Statistics - Bob Brennan and Tracy Field-Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, LLP

*Email Fail: Strategies for Reducing Risks from Electronic Communication - Scott Wandstrat and Aaron Danzig, Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP


Compliance Officers Roundtable Overview

GHA has an active compliance officers group that meets quarterly; usually at GHA. Over the past few years, the Compliance Officers’ Roundtable has grown and has become a very cost-efficient way to educate compliance officers through presentations from government representatives, industry experts and other speakers, videos and written information on various compliance-related issues.
Member CEOs are encouraged to make sure that their compliance officer and his/her staff participate either in person or via Telnet in these compliance roundtable meetings because important information is exchanged and these events are an essential communication vehicle.
GHA’s Compliance Officers Roundtable customarily meets three (3) times per year at GHA beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending by 2:30 p.m. Lunch is served and a nominal fee is charged to cover costs associated with the luncheon and other meeting set-up expenses. An additional meeting is usually held offsite at various “resort” locations around the state. The program provides education and includes opportunities for members to network with each other in an informal atmosphere.

2018 Compliance Officers Roundtable

February 9

May 18

September 5-7

December 7

All meetings except the September Retreat will be held from 10am - 2pm at the GHA offices in Marietta. If you are interested in serving on the Retreat Planning Committee, please contact Keri Conley at

Georgia In-House Counsel Association

The Georgia In-House Counsel Association was established to provide a forum for hospital-based (in-house) legal counsel to discuss legal issues, share ideas and network. Meetings are customarily held four (4) times each year at GHA beginning at 10:30 a.m. and concluding by 2:00 p.m. Lunch is provided and a nominal fee charged to cover costs associated with the meeting set-up and luncheon.


VOLUME XXXIII          NUMBER 63          September 25, 2017



This report is compiled from the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) Certificate of Need (CON) Tracking and Appeals Report, available from the DCH Web site: The current issue is available as well as an archive of past reports. For questions concerning pending Certificate of Need applications, please contact Bruce Henderson, Senior Reviewer, at or 404-656-0655. For LNR/DET letters and for CON related matters, please contact Roxana Tatman, Legal Director, Health Planning (


New Applications 

2017-053 Oaks at Limestone

Nursing Home Renovation Expenditures in Excess of 2017 Threshold Amount

Filed: 9/18/2017

Site: 2560 Flintridge Road, Gainesville, GA 30501 (Hall County)

Contact: Aneel Gill, Exec. Dir./Planning & Dev. 678-533-6699

Estimated Cost:




Recently Approved Applications:

No changes from previous week


Recently Denied Applications 

No Changes From Previous Week


Requests for LNR for Establishment of Physician-Owned Ambulatory Surgery Facilities:

LNR-ASC2017008 Plastic Surgery Group of Atlanta, P.C.

Establishment of a Physician-Owned, Single Specialty ASC

Site: 755 Mount Vernon Highway, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA 30328

Number of OR's: 1                      Specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Project costs as submitted: $0.00

Request received: 4/11/2017

Contact Person: Tammy Parker, Practice Mgr. 770-599-5441

Determination: Pending


LNR-ASC2017013 Foot and Ankle of West Georgia, P.C.

Relocation of Physician-Owned Office-Based Single Specialty ASC

Site: 2000 Hamilton Rd, Ste A, Columbus - in MOB

Number of OR's: 1             Specialty: Podiatry

Project costs as submitted: $501,543.00

Request received: 8/7/2017

Contact Person: Everette Jenkins 678-625-4720

Determination: Pending



LNR-ASC2017014 Atlanta Spine Surgery Center, LLC and Atllanta Spine, P.C.

Establish Exempt Physician-Owned Single Specialty ASC

Site: MOB @ 60 Peachtree Park Drive, Ste 200, Atlanta, 30309

Number of OR's: 2               Specialty: Orthopaedic Procedures

Project costs as submitted: $1,730,991.87

Request received: 8/16/2017

Contact Person: Robert M. Rozier, Esq. 404-256-8247

Determination: Pending


LNR-ASC2017015 Ankle and Foot Associates, LLC

Operation of Physician Owned, Single Specialty ASC

Site: 615 N. Cleveland Ave, Adel, GA 31620

Number of OR's: 2               Specialty: Ankle and Foot Surgical Procedures

Project costs as submitted: $934,000.00

Request received: 9/18/2017

Contact Person: David Murphy, D.P.M 912-283-6471

Determination: Pending


Requests for LNR for Diagnostic or Therapeutic Equipment:

LNR-EQT2017040 Peachtree Spine Physicians, Inc.

Purchase Fixed MRI

Request received: 8/28/2017

Contact Person: Niki Dalton, Office Manager 404-843-3323

Determination: Pending


LNR-EQT2017041 The Baxley and Appling County Hospital Authority d/b/a Appling

Leased Fixed MRI

Request received: 9/8/2017

Contact Person: Raymond Leadbetter, CEO 912-367-1272

Determination: Pending


LNR-EQT2017042 Bender Orthopaedics & Spine Specialist, LLC

Purchase of Mobile MRI

Request received: 9/13/2017

Contact Person: Jay Bender, Managing Mbr 877-630-5534

Determination: Pending


Requests for Miscellaneous Letters of Determination:

DET2017188 Union General Hospital

Renovation of Existing Space on Main Level of Hospital Building

Request received: 8/24/2017

Contact Person: Lewis Kelly, CEO 706-439-6492

Determination: Pending


DET2017189 Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center d/b/a Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Capital Expenditure to Renovate and Expand Blood Bank

Request received: 8/25/2017

Contact Person: David Tatum, Chief Public Policy Offcr 404-785-7556

Determination: Pending


DET2017190 Turning Point Care Center, LLC

Addition of Ten Beds

Request received: 8/25/2017

Contact Person: Judy H. Payne, CEO 229-985-4815

Determination: Pending


DET2017191 Kennestone Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Wellstar Kennestone Hospital

Replacement of Grandfathered MRI Unit

Request received: 8/25/2017

Contact Person: April Austin, Mgr., Strategic Planning 470-644-0057

Determination: Pending


DET2017192 Kennestone Hospital, Inc. d/b/a Wellstar Kennestone Hospital

Replacement of Grandfathered CT Unit

Request received: 8/25/2017

Contact Person: April Austin, Mgr., Strategic Planning 470-644-0057

Determination: Pending


DET2017193 Heartis Fayetteville Partners, LP

Construction of Senior Living Community

Request received: 8/30/2017

Contact Person: Zee Jennings, Manager 214-916-5612

Determination: Pending


DET2017194 Hospital Authority of Columbus, Georgia

Relocation of SNF to Replacement Facility with Transfer of Beds

Request received: 8/31/2017

Contact Person: Frank Morast, CEO 706-225-1100

Determination: Pending


DET2017195 UHS of Peachford, LLC, DBA Peachford Hospital

10% Bed Increase

Request received: 9/1/2017

Contact Person: Matt Crouch, CEO 770-454-2362

Determination: Pending


DET2017196 Old Milton Senior Holding, LLC

New Construction Assisted Living and Memory Support Community

Request received: 9/7/2017

Contact Person: Angela Stanton, Administrator 678-756-6735

Determination: Pending


DET2017197 Northeast Atlanta Vascular Care, LLC

Develop Nonsterile Procedure Rooms to Perform Noncardiac Vascular Sv

Request received: 9/8/2017

Contact Person: Lisa McNamara, Exec VP 239-597-2010

Determination: Pending


DET2017198 Scottish Rites Childrens Medical Center Inc dba CHOA at Scottish Rite

Replacement of CON Approved MRI

Request received: 9/14/2017

Contact Person: David R. Tatum, CPPO 404-785-7519

Determination: Pending


DET2017199 ObGyneBirth Center for Natural Deliveries, Inc.

Cost Overrun Below Review Threshold

Request received: 9/14/2017

Contact Person: Bolanle A Sogade, MD 478-745-9887

Determination: Pending





HHS Office of Inspector General -- The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) Web site provides information on health care providers and entities that have been excluded from Medicare and other federal health care programs. It includes an online searchable database,, as well as a downloadable database file, of excluded individuals or entities, Please contact Karen Waters at GHA at 770-249-4500 if you have any questions.

Georgia Composite Medical Board -- -- The Georgia Composite Medical Board Web site provides an option to “View a List of Public Board Orders”. To request more detailed information, written requests may be submitted to Georgia Composite Medical Board, Attn: Ms. Sharon Cloud, Public Records Unit, 2 Peachtree Street, N.W., 36th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303, Phone: (404) 657-6494, Fax: (404) 656-9723.

Georgia Board of Nursing -- -- The Georgia Board of Nursing's website includes information for license verification and to look up action taken by the Board concerning RN licenses. For more information, contact the Georgia Board of Nursing at 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217, (478) 207-2440.  

Georgia Department of Community Health -- -- The Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) Web site where you can download the Georgia State Health Plans and Administrative Rules by entering “Health Plans” in the Search window.

National Practitioner Data Bank -- -- The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB).  Consult this site for a thorough review of physician sanctions. Please note that review of physician sanctions on the NPDB site requires special software that may be obtained by contacting the NPDB at 1-800-767-6782.