GHA Monitoring Flu Activity

The Georgia Hospital Association is working closely with hospitals to monitor flu activity. 

Flu shots are available, and the CDC recommends getting vaccinated early. This helps stop the spread of the virus and protects seniors and infants who are highly vulnerable to the flu. Precautionary measures such as frequent hand-washing and covering coughs can help stop the spread of flu.

GHA encourages patients to call their health care providers if they are concerned about an illness and to carefully assess symptoms. Individuals who think they may have the flu should follow the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for when to go to the hospital. As stated on the CDC website, symptoms in adults that warrant an emergency room visit include trouble breathing, chest pain, and persistent vomiting. Those who do not have the flu, but go to the ER, risk catching it from those who do. However, anyone who is concerned about a serious or life-threatening illness should go to the ER. 

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