Trustee Certification

The Trustee Certification Program enables hospitals to utilize governance best practices, promote the coordination of care and the best use of resources, and demonstrate to their communities, physicians, employees, businesses and other stakeholders that they:

  • Understand and embrace the need for governance accountability;
  • Govern according to a standard of excellence;
  • Are willing to formally certify their adherence to governance best practices;
  • Are committed to care management and coordination of resources;
  • Embrace community accountability and transparency;
  • Structure their community benefit and outreach programs to meet identified community needs;
  • Utilize data from the GHA State of Health Data Report to identify and address areas of need especially for the uninsured and underinsured;
  • Utilize performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and to monitor progress to improve quality and safety; and
  • Integrate local health efforts with state programs.

Please note that the Trustee Certification Program was developed prior to the establishment of the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center (GRHIC) and is not approved by GHRIC to satisfy training requirements for rural hospital leaders in accordance with O.C.G.A. § 31-2-16. Instead, GHA has partnered with Georgia Southern University Jiann Ping-Hsu College of Public Health Practice and Research to provide rural hospital board and executive education to meet the GHRIC Curriculum Standards. Please click here to learn more about the GHA & Georgia Southern Board Education Program.

Individual Trustee Certification

Trustees completing the requirements for the GHA Trustee Certification for the first time must complete 8 hours of continuing board education (CBE). Trustees must complete 8 hours of CBE every two years thereafter to maintain certification.

Regular updates provided at hospital board meetings do not constitute continuing board education.  If an educational component is included in a regularly scheduled board meeting, the time spent in the educational component will count toward CBE. 

Trustees of hospitals participating in the GHA and Georgia Southern Hospital Leadership Training Program will be considered as Certified upon completion of the course curriculum.

Trustee Certification Checklist

Participating hospitals can use this Trustee Certification Form as a checklist to track and attest to individual trustee fulfillment of certification criteria.

Note that completion of the Trustee Certification Form is only required for hospitals that are not participating in the GHA and Georgia Southern Hospital Leadership Training Program, as this program includes centralized tracking and reporting of all learning for participating hospitals.

Certified Trustees

These Trustees were certified in the calendar year 2019. The 2019 Trustees were recognized at the Annual Trustees Conference in January 2020.


Bacon County Hospital and Health System
Charlene Dean
Danny Stanaland
Larry Jordan
Martha Lee
Roger Boatright
Roger Staten
Burnis E. ('Buck') Harnage
Albert Wildes
John Larry Sweat
Jerry Boatright
Gary Graham

Colquitt Regional Medical Center
John Mark Mobley, Jr.
Howard Melton, M.D.
Richard Bass
Kirk Friedlander
James Keith
Maureen Yearta
Richard Turner
Johnny Brown, III
John Griffin

Crisp Regional Hospital, Inc.
Arthur Parker
Steve Gautney
Claire Krause
Heath Hamilton
Dr. William Pannell
Dr. Sule Salami
Noel Williams, Jr.

Effingham Hospital Authority
Barry Flonnory
LaMeisha Hunter Kelly
Hoyt (Mose) Mock
Patricia Ann Yarbrough
DeBorah Lanier-Scott
Stephanie Weitman

Floyd Medical Center
Mr. Kurt Stuenkel
Wright Bagby, Jr.
George Bosworth, M.D.
Mr. John Bennett
Mrs. Kay Chumbler
James Collins, Jr. M.D.
Mrs. Katie Dempsey
Mr. Garry Fricks
J. Daniel Hanks, Jr, M.D.
Carl Herimg, M.D.
Robert Holcombe, M.D.
Mr. David Johnson
Mr. Larry Kuglar
Mr. Mark Manis
Mrs. Denise-Downer McKinney
Mr. David Newby
Dee Russell, M.D.
Mr. Frank Shelley
Joel Snider, Ph.D.
Joe Vaughn, M.D.
Mrs. Rhonda Wallace

Hamilton Health Care System (HHCS)
Bryan E. McAllister
Gary A. Middleton
Don W. Adcock
Robert M. Chandler
G. Lamar Lyle
Jeffrey D. Myers
John P. Neal, III
Charles N. Dobbins, Jr.
Henry C. Tharpe, Jr.
Luis M. Viamonte, M.D.
W. Norris Little

Hamilton Medical Center (HMC)
Robert M. Chandler
Ayman Rifai, M.D.
J. David Gregg
Robert B. Hubbs
Jeffrey D. Myers
W. Scott Sellers
Wallace R. Weeks, M.D.
S. Craig Tidwell, M.D.

The Hospital Authority of Hall County and the City of Gainesville
Benny Bagwell
Steve Blair
Preston Bowen
Ben Hawkins, DMD
Jack Keener
Brenda Perry
Spence Price
Martha Randolph
Rich White

Liberty Regional Hospital James E. Rogers
William S. (Steve) Welborn
Reginald L. Pierce, Sr
James R. Ryon, Jr
Stephanie Osteen
Daisy S. Pray
Henry A. Taylor, DPM

Morgan Medical Center
Huey Atkins
Sarah Burbach
Paul Courchaine
Dan Zant, M.D.
John Moore
Sherry Terrell
Maynard (Butch) H. Thompson
Calvin Welch

Northeast Georgia Health System
Benny Bagwell
Mary Lynn Coyle
Mohak Dave’, MD
Denise Deal
Ben Hawkins, DMD
Clifton Hastings, MD
David Hughs
Jack Keener
Paul Maney
John Nix
Spence Price
LeTrell Simpson
Jane Smoot
Priscilla Strom, MD
Jackie Wallace
Philip Wilheit
RK Whitehead

Northeast Georgia Medical Center
Steve Blair
Lua Blankenship
Preston Bowen
DJ Campbell, MD Eugene Cindea, MD
Kaye Ann Herth, Ph.D.
Holt Harrison, MD
Kaye Ann Herth, Ph.D.
Deborah Mack
Semuel Maysonet
Phillippa Lewis Moss
John Nix
Greg Ours
Brenda Perry
Tim Scully, MD
Alex Wayne

Phoebe Putney Health System
Mary Helen Dykes
Mary King Givens
Lemuel Griffin
Brad Lafevers
Bruce Melton
Charles Mendenhall, MD
Frank Middleton, MD
Lamar Moree, MD
Anthony Parker, PhD
John Temp Phillips, III
Will Sims
Scott Steiner

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
John Culbreath, EdD
Kathy Hudson, MD
Karen Iler
Marvin Laster
William J. McAfee, MD
Bernard Scoggins, MD
Jay Sharpe
Scott Steiner
Sally Whatley, PhD

Phoebe Sumter Medical Center
Joe Austin
Sandra Daniel, PhD, RN
Bardin Hooks
Randy Jones
Robbie Latimore, EdD
Dale Lawson, MD
Regina McDuffie
Fred McLaughlin, EdD
Vic Patel
Scott Steiner

Phoebe Worth Medical Center
Joe Austin
Grace Davis, MD
Mary King Givens
Don Monk
Chris Shipp
Shirley Ann Thomas
Joel Wernick

Polk Medical Center
George W. Bosworth, M.D.
Todd Bussey
Bruce R. Casey
D. Lee Cummings
Darroll F. Freeman
Neil E. Gordon, M.D.
Trey Kelley
Larry T. Kuglar
W. Frank Shelley
Sondi Smith Vest

South Georgia Medical Center
Mr. Gregory Powell

Tift Regional Medical Center
Joyce Mims

Upson Regional Medical Center
Scott Blackstock
Johnathan Busbee, M.D
Jim Edwards
Barney Hancock
Bill Hightower
Steve Keadle
Kay Robinson
Kay Searcy
Ralph Warnock, M.D.

Wayne Memorial Hospital
Doug Ellis
Dr. Lance Hendrix
Herman Lewis
David Earl Keith
Pat Perry
Brenda Purvis