What is COVS?

The Council on Auxiliaries/Volunteers of the Georgia Hospital Association (CoA/V) had a name change at the end of the Conference in October 2018. We are now  known as the Council of Volunteer Services of Georgia Hospital Association (COVS).

The Council on Volunteers Services COVS) of the Georgia Hospital Association was founded in 1958 and currently consists of 70 hospital auxiliaries throughout e state of Georgia. During the 2017-2018 year, 5828 volunteers gave a total of 1,427,742 hours in their participating hospitals and contributed funds totaling $3,294,295 million. In addition, the auxiliaries gave over $447,236 to their communities. There are also 39 teen programs that are active throughout the organization's participating hospitals, 45 of them have gift shops and 43 hospitals have Scholarship Programs.

The association is divided into 6 districts: Central, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Two District Directors represent each district. The COVS governing body is made up of a Board of Management (BOM) that directs the actions and programs of the association. The President also selects members of the BOM to serve on committees.

The Council offers the training needed to insure each auxiliary offers practical help to its health care facility in performing essential services. Auxiliaries can be of tremendous help with community relations programs, community outreach programs, in providing valuable volunteer services to patients, and donating financial resources to improve patient care. One of the greatest values of Council Membership is the exchange of ideas and experiences that can help Auxilians and Volunteers initiate new services designed to improve the care given to patients in our hospitals and help individuals better prepare themselves for leadership positions in their auxiliaries. It is the aim of Council to establish new Auxiliaries at the request of health care facilities and to assist in the dissemination of information concerning projects and services which will further the efficient functioning of health care auxiliaries in the Georgia Hospital Association and the American Hospital Association.

Board of Management

2018-2019 COVS of GHA Board of Management Executive Committee

2018-2019 COVS of GHA Board of Management Committee Chairman

2018-2019 COVS of GHA District Directors

2018-2019 COVS of GHA Nominating Committee 

COVS Reminders

Auxiliary Newsletters

Between November and August each Auxiliary is required to send three different editions (copies) of its newsletters to those individuals listed on the awards requirements. These newsletters should be sent at the time of publication and can be sent electronically. Be sure that somewhere in your newsletter it states the name of the hospital, the address, the district and the name of the newsletter editor.

Council Courier

The following are deadlines for submission of articles to the Council Courier: 

February 1
May 1
August 1
November 1

Council Courier articles should be mailed to: 
Claudia Parks, Editor
184 Runaway Road
Blairsville, GA 30512
706 745-5128

Dues and Scholarship Deadlines

Dues and scholarship donations are due on November 1 of each year. When mailing checks to the Treasurer, please indicate whether the money is for dues, Elizabeth Wilmot Bull Scholarship funds, or Youth Conference. 

Pay dues to Gordenia Murdoch, 2115 Old Carl Moon Rd., Monroe, GA 30656. 

Contributions to Elizabeth Wilmot Bull Memorial Scholarship to be mailed to Gordenia Murdoch, 2115 Old Carl Moon Rd., Monroe, GA 30656. 

Auxiliaries will be removed from the roster if dues are not paid by March 31, 2019.

Council Courier

2019 Calendar of Events

January 22-23 - COVS Board of Management Meeting, Augusta

March 19 - Central District Spring Meeting, Columbus

March 20 - Southwest District Meeting, Thomasville

March 21 - Southeast District Spring Meeting, Jesup

March 26 - Northwest District Spring Meeting, Riverdale

March 27 - Northeast District Spring Meeting, Atlanta

March 28 - North Central District Spring Meeting, Monroe

April 7-13 - National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 23-24 - COVS Board of Management Meeting, Augusta

April 28-30 - SHVL Annual Conference, Charlotte, NC

July 23-24 - COVS Board of Management Meeting, Augusta

October 20-23 - The 60th COVS Annual Conference, Augusta


In The Spotlight

2018 CEO of The Year: Mr. V. Paul Theriot, Jr., East Georgia Regional Medical Center
2018 DVS of the Year: Michelle Collins, Archbold Memorial Hospital
2018 Community of Conscience Outreach Award for Large Hospitals: Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center 'Child Life Program Endowment'
2018 Community of Conscience Award for Small Hospitals: St. Mary's Hospital (Athens) Auxiliary 'Veterans' Commemorative Garden'

Participating Districts

Elizabeth Wilmot Bull Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Elizabeth Wilmot Bull Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Georgia Council on Auxiliaries during 1962-63 as a memorial to Mrs. Bull who had truly been the pioneer leader in developing the Council on Auxiliaries into a viable state organization during the years 1959-61. Mrs. Bull served as President of the Council for two years and was serving as chairman of the Southeastern Hospital Conference of Hospital Auxiliaries, a six -state region, at the time of her death. Mrs. Bull and her entire family were lost in the air tragedy which occurred at Orly Field, Paris, France on June 3, 1962, in which more than 100 prominent Atlantans died.

The Georgia Council on Auxiliaries began its fund raising in the fall of 1962 to establish a permanent memorial to Mrs. Bull through a scholarship fund for qualifying students in a medical related field. Hospital auxiliaries throughout the state made contributions throughout 1963. The Fund continues to grow and contributions have been received each year which increases the principle.

Additional funds are always needed and checks may be sent to the Council President or Scholarship Chairman.

Applications forms will be reviewed by the Scholarship Fund Committee. Personal history, financial need, and acceptance by a Georgia school will be essential to apply.

The amount of the fund to be used by the student for tuition, books and fees will be determined by the Scholarship Committee. Checks will be issued to the institution, not to the individual.

Deadline for receiving the the applications is February 15th. Selections for scholarships will be made at the Board of Management Meeting in April.

2018-2019 Scholarship Cover Letter

2018-2019 Scholarship Application

2018 Check List

Jean Cory Youth Scholarship

Jean Cory began her hospital volunteering at Chatuge Hospital in Hiawassee, Georgia in 1985 and served as the first President of the newly organized volunteer group there. After completing her term as President, Jean continued to be an active volunteer in the Northeast District of The Council (CoA/V) (COVS) as a District Director. Because of her leadership abilities and dedication to serving, Jean was elected to serve as President of The Council (CoA/V) (COVS) from 1994-1996.

During her time as District Director and The Council (CoA/V) (COVS) state President, Jean had the opportunity to see youth volunteers serving in hospitals throughout the state. Many of these students were interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. Recognizing that these young people were the future leaders of the organization and medical communities, Jean wanted to offer these youth encouragement, inspire hope, knowledge and networking opportunities through interactions with other youth volunteers and educational programs. Under Jean’s leadership and through the efforts of the State Council, the State Conference for Youth was implemented holding their first Youth Conference at Wesleyan College in Macon in 1996. Youth volunteers were honored and recognized when the Shining Star award was established for outstanding service to their local hospital and community at this first Youth Conference. In addition to attending the conference, the Youth Scholarship Fund was instituted, encouraging these youth leaders to apply for and be awarded a scholarship to pursue their post-secondary education.

It was decided in 2018, after twenty-two years of hosting the State Conference for Youth, that it is time for a new stage to be set for supporting our youth volunteers. The state Council on Volunteer Services believes the best approach is to invest additional funds to the scholarship program. These funds will allow increased numbers of scholarships to be awarded throughout the state, two students from each of our Districts are eligible to receive this competitive award when they are enrolled, or have been accepted to, a technical college, a state college or university in Georgia.

Youth volunteers make a significant difference in the lives of the people in their communities when they serve. The Council on Volunteer Services would like to express their thanks and support of these youth with the additional scholarship funds.

Timeline to Apply

  • The Jean Cory Scholarship will be awarded to high school seniors who have been active Youth Volunteers with 80 or more hours of volunteer service by August 1, 2018.
  • Two $500 scholarships will be awarded per district in the spring of 2019. Each hospital’s Youth Volunteer coordinator should contact the teens who qualify to apply for the scholarship. If the teen is interested in applying, the application will be supplied by the coordinator. Each hospital may submit up to three (3) scholarship applications.
  • Suggested due date for application process to be completed by applicant/submitting Volunteer group is early February of the year in which the application is submitted.
  • The due date for the applications to be submitted by the sponsoring Volunteer group to the District Directors is February 15, of the year in which the application is submitted.
  • District Directors will send the applications on to the Scholarship Committee before the April quarterly Board of Management meeting. The 12 winners will be decided at that meeting.
  • A letter notifying the winners will be sent both to the students and to the scholarship chair of the hospital where the teens volunteered. Letters will also be sent to the students and to the scholarship chair at each hospital when they were not chosen as recipients of the award.
  • The scholarship funds will be distributed to the college/university by July 31, 2019.
  • The application and all information about it will be posted on the COVS website as well included in the packet of materials given out at each district’s President-President-Elect meeting in November. 

Youth Scholarship Letter and Application