Staff Nurse Advisory Committee

The GHA Staff Nurse Advisory Committee (SNAC) provides staff nurses’ with an opportunity to come together and engage in a positive, shared learning experience to explore solutions and best practices that colleagues have implemented to address similar challenges. SNAC members also learn from expert speakers who present information on topics related to the changing health care landscape. The SNAC meetings are a forum for staff nurses to network, develop leadership skills, and improve their understanding of the current health care landscape so they can positively influence changes in their organization.

The active involvement of staff nurses in implementing sustainable and reliable processes to provide safe, quality care to our patients is critical to staff nurse retention and positive patient outcomes. Selecting a SNAC representative for your organization can have a positive influence on your quality and patient safety goals, nursing retention and recruitment and productivity.

Please select a staff nurse to represent your organization on the SNAC and consider this a great opportunity to invest in one of your emerging leaders. The SNAC committee has been growing as hospitals across the state are sending representatives, both the individual and the organization benefit from being involved.


December 6

All meetings will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the GHA office in Marietta.